Just some of the service we provide

We can provide a full turn key approach including tailoring to the needs of the EU market all the way to the sale and distribution of the Brand.

Local production

By being Made in the EU, your Brand will freely travel to over 500 million new customers. .

Tailoring your needs

Thnk McDonalds. A global Brand that tailors to the needs of the local customer. For your Brand, that can mean a slight difference in the strength of the fragrance. Lets us help you focus your Brand for your new customers.

New distribution

Beauty Bridge Labs can help you find your customers. Our network of contacts includes many distributors, reps and outside salespeople that will help propel your Brand..

Reducing time and paperwork

Imagine only one set of approvals. Imagine knowing your formula is approved for the EU. Beauty Bridge Labs can make things easier for your sales department by knowing that your products will not have problems in Customs or changes to Rules.